The First Leaflet

It is with tremendous care and affection that I started this Blog.

My creation of SpindlCurio has established my love for creating the craft that encircles my world of ancient knowledge of the earth, stone, water, and fire. With this blog I will continue to diligently serve my friends, customers, and those curious of mind to learn and create new beginnings of their craft.

My shop is available for those who are interested to create their own things or to buy a finished product. I will be posting entries of each subject that will branch out in a variety of topics.

I prefer donations to be made through trade, for a product or service.

If you have any questions about the development of my blog, where to find things, donations/trade, or if you want to suggest a topic: please contact me. 

I would be happy to assist in any way I can.

As always: 

Gæta þess or “Take care”.

(Guy-eeta Fess)

Celeste Withers


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