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Kitchen Witch:

Basics of Salt

Apple Offering Bowl


Food From Scratch:

(Lughnasadh) Lammas Bread

(Lughnasadh) Traditional Corn Bread

Herb Salt


Drink from the Heart:

Herb/Fruit Infused Water

Mead Brewing


Salt Crafts:

Cast Iron Black Salt

Bath Salt from Scratch

Herb Salt


Raising a Garden:

Simple Watering Techniques

What Will Grow in My Area?

Styles of Gardening- What works best for you?

Wildcraft- Foraging as a Witch

Intermediate Witch: Growing From Seed


Quill and Ink:

Wax Seals


Crystal Witch:

Basics of Crystal Wrapping

Crystal/Herb Pouches

Create Your Own Crystal Grid

Charging your Crystals


Crafting for the Home:


Corn Husk Dolls

Herb Brooms


Water Collection:

Moon Water

Eclipse Water

Sun Water

Rain Water


Sabbat Crafts:

(Lughnasadh) Corn Husk Dolls

(Lughnasadh) Sun Water

(Lughnasadh) Braided Wheat

(Lughnasadh) Wickermen

(Lughnasadh/Mabon/Samhain) Stangs/Staves

(Mabon/Samhain) Besom Broom

(Mabon) Apple Offering Bowl

(Mabon) Herb Broom